Further details on request.


3. Erzbiennale (in Planung)


Great masters and hallmarks of modern art - Albert and Laura ECKER

Next art show will be a father daughter event - one of the very rare occasions when competition doesn't matter at all.

(coz both are very goooooooood :)

2. Erzbiennale in Kammern


Hochschulgalerie der Pädagosischen Hochschule Steiermark

Kurator und Geschäftsführung


Art Show at PALAIS PALFFY - VIENNA - October 2015

Kunstverein SüdOst - Leobner Kunstverein/2015

Group Exhibition

Otto Beck
Johannes Berger
Georg Brandner
Jakob de Chirico
Michael Csokay
Walter Csuvala
Albert Ecker
Fria Elfen
Hubert Christian Ehalt
Gotthard Fellerer
Ulrich Gansert
Gerhard Gutruf
Robert Hammerstiel
Lore Heuermann
Hubert Hochwarter
Frank Peter Hofbauer
Florian Jakowitsch
Christine Jones
Johann Karner
Sepp Laubner
Rebecca LittleJohn
Franz Part
Herbert Pasiecznyk
Günter Povaly
Jolanda Richter
Paul Rotterdam
Elisabeth v. Samsonow
Rudolf Weisgrab
Hans Wetzelsdorfer
Hannes Winkler
Herwig Zens


Art Exhibition Jolanda Richter, Albert Ecker, Frank Hofbauer, Alfred Biber, Ulrich Gansert, Georg Brandner.


Niederösterreichisches Landesmuseum - St. Pölten


Asian Moments

Fine prints at the CENTARA GRAND in Hua Hin/Thailand on permanent display August 2014 - end of 2015

How to capture a dream

Permanent art show at the DREAM BANGKOK. Selected original paintings will accomplish your dining experience.

Erzkoenig und Erzkönigin

Group art exhibition of leading local artists

Art exhibition at DREAM BANGKOK

Great paintings for a perfect location. Over the next 6 months (until March 2013) new paintings add to the joyful place.

... and more ASIAN links:

artwork and part of interior design for a medical clinic in Bangkok - The LALIN Clinic and her first custoumer


new entry: Austria Lexikon

Rathausgallerie Leoben


Art Exhibition at Sofitel Centara Hua Hin

Artwork for Swiss Belhotel: we are impressed, exactly what we have been looking for.

PINTO - Indie Rock band from Sweden - Andreas Magnusson, rock singer, composer:

These paintings create feelings, they are scary, erotic, angry and happy all at once... I love the energy in it. Some have got a "killer" hook. You remember these paintings. To me they have the quality of great CD covers, very stylish and yet so dark.

Tom Jolly

New York Times


Dürrenmatt, Friedrich (1921-1990)

Playwright, Novelist, Essayist, Theatre Director, Painter.
Active 1943-1990 in Switzerland, Germany, Continental Europe

...allerliebst und boesartig zugleich!

Axel Hecht, Art Magazin Hamburg

...auf den Punkt genau


Kyoko Nakagawa, writer/copywriter, editorial producer, visual artist
collaborated with NTV Tokyo

ntv tokyo

Your impressive way + style [so unique, look alike to nobody!]

Expressive space + talkative silence; those echo, echo and echo... Who said that "Shades are just dark"?
The 'eloquent' shadows deeply attract and never stop shaking strings within soul.




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